MONDAY NIGHT RAW audio preview: 11.20.2017

WWE RAW Preview for November 20, 2017  – Toyota Center – Houston, Texas

By Ric Vickrey of the Hitting The Marks Pro Wrestling Podcast

 WWE is hyping the following headlines…….  

It’s Game On! ……Following Triple H’s bizarre machinations and his triumphant grandstanding, the frustrated Monster Among Men lashed out at The Cerebral Assassin, backing him into a corner and warning him to never cross him again. Of course, Triple H did, resulting in two retaliatory Running Powerslams to the WWE COO.

What’s next for The Shield? ……… Reunited and it feels so good. The Hounds of Justice are seemingly unstoppable, and now that they’ve helped Team Red conquer SmackDown LIVE, where will their path lead them next? We’ll find out tonight.

Asuka proves she’s a survivor ………….. As much as Th The Shield?e Empress of Tomorrow’s conquest was a win for Raw, it was a reminder that Asuka is one of the most dominant women in WWE today. Who will dare stand across from her tonight?

The Beast Incarnate makes SmackDown LIVE see red ……. Now that Team Red’s Universal Title is all the more prestigious in light of The Beast Incarnate’s conquest, who will prove themselves to be Lesnar’s next challenger?

How will Alexa Bliss, The Miz and “The Bar” handle defeat to SmackDown LIVE?…… Although Team Red ultimately won the night, those losses had to sting. How will The A-Lister, Little Miss Bliss and “The Bar” respond to these disappointing defeats?
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