Mixing technical prowess with aerial skills, Dusty Gold is ready to take Excellence to a Whole, New Level

By Ryan K Boman, Editor in Chief & Michael Melchor, Executive Editor

Dusty Gold is on a mission to make himself better… every time out. In his workouts. In his matches. And, for those around him.

It’s why he chose the moniker that he goes by today. 

The Standard really came from me,” Gold said, of his nickname. “Although, I was a huge fan of Sheldon Benjamin, and he’s obviously, The Gold Standard.”

“I already had Gold in my name, so I just went by ‘The Standard’, but also because I felt like it fit me.”

Staunchly dedicated to weightlifting and fitness, Gold said he applied much of that same discipline in his approach to the sqaured circle. So, the name became a bit of a rallying cry, as well.

“I felt like, going in to a lot of locker rooms, I was going to work harder, I was going to hit the gym harder, and have the best physique,” he said. “Not saying other guys weren’t working hard, but I knew – right from the beginning – that I wanted to be the best I could be at everything. I wanted to set myself apart.”

“I decided I was going to set a standard for the fans, to enjoy my matches. And, I was going to set a standard for the locker room to push ourselves harder, and for us to all have better matches.”

Since breaking into the industry in 2016, Gold has risen rapidly through the ranks of the mid-south wrestling scene. He captured the Impact Division Championship in IZW back in September of 2017, and was the last man to hold the title. An amazing, all-around athlete, The Standard has competed throughout independent promotions in Oklahoma and Texas, and says he’s looking to branch out for more.

“I’d love to get down to Georgia and Florida, and all along the east coast soon,” he said. “There’s a lot of good talent out there, and I’m ready to take on some new challenges.”

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The Rogers, Arkansas, native boasts a solid 200 pounds on his 5’10” frame. But in terms of ring style, Gold says he enjoys going to the air just as much as he likes locking up on the mat.

“Some people see a guy like me, and automatically assume that I’m just a technical wrestler. And I am…But, I can fly, too. That’s why I feel like I can work with anybody.”

“The Gold Rush”, his front-facelock facebuster, is his calling card, but he also displays a series of counters and chain wrestling to tee it up. With his look and his name, many observers might assume that he likes to ruffle the fans’ feathers.

But as it turns out, living by ‘The Standard’ isn’t just professional – It’s personal, too.

“People also assume that someone who goes by the name, ‘The Standard’ would be a cocky character,” Gold said. “A lot of promoters take a look at me and go, oh, he’s a heel.”

“But, it’s different than what people would think. It’s more about being positive, and setting that standard for the fans. I could play a heel, but that I would rather be someone that kids can look up to, and aspire to be like, as well.”

Written from that attitude is the motto that drives him. Not only in the ring – but out of it, as well.

“I’m here to Inspire, Motivate, and Dominate.


HT: 5’10” |  WT: 200 lbs

Twitter:  @dustygold2016
Facebook:  Dusty Gold
Instagram:  @thestandard_dustygold
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YouTube: WFC | Dusty Gold v Double D | 03.03.2018




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