Popular Music Composing Duo The CFO$ Gone From WWE | prowrestlingtimes

Pro Wrestling Times has reported music composers, John Paul Alicastro and Michael Conrad Lauri, who are collectively known as CFO$, are gone from WWE after having been on the company’s bad side as of late.

A source with direct knowledge told us Alicastro and Lauri’s attitudes have rubbed many in management the wrong way for quite some time now. WWE often has their composed tweak and make small changes to their music over time to evolve with their characters; Sometimes adding voiceovers, new intros, etc. However, CFO$ have refused to do this on several occasions, telling WWE’s production team that they’re “interfering with their art.” Jim Johnston, WWE’s longtime head composed, has been asked to tweak his music several times on a moment’s notice.

via Popular Music Composing Duo Gone From WWE | prowrestlingtimes


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