THE POWER OF THE PIN – 05.25.2019: Get Ready to Savor the Sounds of Double or Nothing

By Ryan K Boman, Editor in Chief

Head Shot - Ryan

“The taste of your life depends on the spices you used to brew it.” 
  ― Israelmore Ayivor

The table has been set, the meal is prepared, and it’s time to take a bite out of Double or Nothing. In a few short hours, we’ll find out if wrestling fans are as hungry for an alternative as it seems.

On this Memorial Day weekend, one that is traditionally known for backyard barbecues and patriotic picnics, the grappling world stands ready to feast on a whole new product: All Elite Wrestling.

Cody Rhodes got this fire burning when he forged out on his own in 2016. After leaving WWE with a bad taste in his mouth, he was starved for new challenges and fresh opportunities. As the story played out – his eventual alignment with the massively popular Bullet Club would turn the heat up to an even higher level.
An ELITE level… if you will.

After partnering with billionaire sports owners The Khan Family, the faction took all of their internet fame and finally went legit. Now armed with tons of fan support, a brand new television deal and a heavy bankroll, All Elite Wrestling has vowed to change the industry forever.

So, here we stand, on the verge of what will likely be marked as one of the most noteworthy days in pro wrestling history. And, no matter how this whole thing turns out, you have to admire the recipe that the boys at AEW are trying to whip up for us. Especially when everything else on the wrestling menu looks pretty stale right now.

Even still, every morsel is only as good as what you flavor it with. Just like the action in a wrestling match is only as good as the ‘punctuation mark’ behind it.

In the hype and build-up of Double or Nothing, we’ve heard a lot of rhetoric about who will win, or what ‘surprises’ might be in store. We’ve discussed ad nauseam about what the buyrates might be, and how this show will help set up their TNT premiere this Fall.

However, in all the hoopla, I think one thing has been lost: How good it’s going to feel, hearing Jim Ross on the mic tonight for this historic event.

The man that punctuated Foley’s famous fall, and about a million Stone Cold Stunners, will be on hand in Vegas to add his wit, wisdom, and warble to a night that none of us are soon to forget.

With a drawl thicker than his trademark barbecue sauce, The Man in the Cowboy Hat will help ease a lot of fan’s anxiety. After all they just plopped down 50 bucks… So, they aren’t expecting fast food; They want fine dining.

r960-95ac8adb5e2826f037c2937c1ceb1cefThey’ll get it, too. Ross has been in the cooler for a few months now, so he’s fresh and ready to go. For fans that have missed his signature soundtrack, he will add just that extra kick to the show. Like pepper on a steak, you may not even notice he’s there sometimes, because he blends in so well with all the other ingredients involved.

Quite frankly, the compelling call of Ross will be an important factor in pulling the Double or Nothing broadcast together – acting as a bridge between the ‘new school’ fans, and the people who still want to go back to the Attitude Era. With a veteran cook in the kitchen, they can have a little of both. So whether you like your wrestling sweet-n-smoky, or downright hot, JR can serve it up either way, and still leave your mouth watering for more action.

And that’s why Double or Nothing will cut the main event mustard.
Because they’ve got the perfect voice to top it all off.  So… Dig In.




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