PRO WRESTLING STORIES: Sting – His Transformation and How He Rescued WCW from the nWo

By Chris Toplack – Jan 15, 2020

Sting_statFor the better part of a decade, Sting was known as WCW’s beloved hero who never compromised his morals. He was colorful, charismatic, athletic, and larger than life. But despite his unshakeable loyalty, the arrival of Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage in WCW saw Sting wrongfully moved to the proverbial backburner which begged the question, where does our fearless hero go from here?

The summer of 1996 saw the formation of the nWo which shook the entire landscape of professional wrestling. The faction essentially dominated the company over the course of an entire year. Once again, Sting was seemingly lost in the shuffle and WCW was desperately in need of a courageous warrior who could humble the rebellious faction, now more than ever.

But remember, the only thing for sure about Sting, is that nothing is for sure.

September 9, 1996During a match between Lex Luger and Rick Steiner, the Total Package signaled for the Torture Rack. Nick Patrick then appeared and motioned for Lex to follow him to the back. Sting’s voice was overheard interacting with Ted DiBiase… Read More HERE

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