By Michael Melchor, Executive Editor

Most hip-hop fans are familiar with the “Dirty South” – the music than emanates primarily from the “Southern Network” of Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, Miami and Memphis.

Closer to the last city in that list is small, unassuming Bucksnort, Tennessee – home of “The Southern Psycho” Mance Warner. And if he has anything to do with it, the region will become known as the “Violent South” by the time he’s finished.

Making his debut this past weekend on MLW Fusion, Warner made an emphatic statement against Jimmy Yuta. Before the match, “Ol’ Mancer” even called how he would defeat Yuta like he was Bucksnort’s Babe Ruth: eye pokes, knee pad up, knee pad down, lariat.

Warner had already made a reputation for brawling and brutality before he appeared in Major League Wrestling. Warner has been a part of some unbelievable fights in AAW, AIW, SUP, IWA-MS and currently stands over Combat Zone Wrestling in the East Coast as the CZW Heavyweight Champion.

Mance Warner lives his life in the ring by one simple rule: violence is golden. And that violence is about to descend on MLW in a big way this coming weekend.

Mance Warner has been signed to face legendary Luchador LA Park in a Death Match this Saturday, March 2, and MLW Intimidation Games. While others may be – for lack of a better term – intimidated at the thought of facing a legend in this environment, Warner is licking his lips at the chance to show a television audience what he can bring to the table.

“It’s another day of work,” Warner said in an exclusive interview with ‘You see that name on there and think, ‘Oh, I’m excited! I could run through a wall right now!’ LA Park and Ol’ Mancer are gonna tear that joint down. Chairs, tables, doors, barbed wire – whatever they’ve got out there is gonna be in that ring. You’ve got a legend – LA Park, he’s been doing this a long, long, long, long, long, long time. I can’t wait for this – this is TV right here!”


RADIO|ACTIVE – 02.28.19 – Mance Warner


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