REACHING FOR THE RING – 06.24.2017: WWE’s Women’s Money in the Bank Controversy


Prior to WWE’s Money in the Bank event, I wrote in detail about my disdain over the manner in which the WWE has presented what they boast as a “Women’s Revolution.” From the movement’s very conception, I’ve felt there have been some very misconceiving and downright disrespectful underlying tones responsible for the company’s change in direction. Where the Women’s Revolution in WWE should have been about creating a truly equal playing field, the movement has come off as nothing more than equality for the sake of equality. And, possibly, a platform in which to ultimately hype the “Stephanie McMahon Brand” to promote her as some benevolent heroine for women’s rights in the corporate world.


In the case of the first ever Women’s Money in the Bank match, I took great exception to how the concept was introduced and how the match itself was built. Not to completely restate my complaints from a previous article, but I felt the announcement and build were quite lazy. I actually described the creative decisions as “lowest common denominator booking.” Where WWE could have created this amazing feeling of importance. they more or less relied on equality for the sake of equality and the match simply being a first for women in the company. Despite my distaste for the build, I remained optimistic that the match would be entertaining. I knew going in that each of the competitors would sacrifice their all to pull off the best match to their abilities. I must say I was very pleased with the pace. The performances (Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch, especially) stood out to me.


Then, the most horrid of possibilities occurred.
In the first-ever Women’s Money in the Bank match, a man- yes, a Y chromosome- scaled the ladder and retrieved the briefcase. In what should have been an incredible moment, the “creative geniuses” at WWE decided the best finish to the match would be to have a male Superstar interject himself and give the victory to his cohort. Following the outcome of the match, the focus then shifts toward another male who enter the picture to steal the spotlight.


Enter SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon. Shane shuffles out to the ring for his usual song and dance, all while spewing the status quo about the Women’s Revolution, but in the end contributed nothing to the situation. This finish, taking place in this moment, was a complete slap in the face to the entire Women’s Division.


During the following episode of SmackDown Live, WWE continued to further botch the situation by essentially declaring the match a No Contest and announced a second Women’s MITB match for this week’s upcoming episode. It was an announcement which essentially makes the previous night’s developments void and steals away a tremendous amount of heat from Carmella, who you could have parlayed this evil brilliance into something truly unique.


In the end, I realize this may cause a brief boost. The viewership and the finish has most certainly caused a stir on social media, but from where this professional wrestling enthusiast stands, this is just a case of Putting the Cart Ahead of the Horse.    



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