Remembering the Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse!

By Paul Stratoti, Contributing Writer

In 1968, James Morrison began his in-ring career in tag team action during a WPWI-TV Pittsburgh Studio Wrestling TV taping match with jobber Ron Sanders and wrestled Ron and Chris Dupre the Hells Angels. In 1982, 1983 and in 1988 JJ received the Pro Wrestling Illustrated  magazine’s Manager of the Year Awards.

Personally, I’ll always treasure the memory of my own experiences with JJ or any of the Horsemen: One time I was in the doorway by the back stage workout room and wanted to take a couple of pictures of the Iron Sheik, who was working out on the Nautilus machine. As I was facing the machine and the superstars who were there, Ole put his hand on my shoulder and politely turned me around. He then stated, “You may take all of the pictures you want ringside but I cannot allow you to photograph backstage.” I then thanked him and complied.

During this time Ole was instrumental in bringing the Road Warriors to the NWA; the only tag team still universally recognized as the greatest tag team of all time. Eventually Ole and the 4 Horsemen feuded with the Road Warriors and during that time the fans began cheering on the Road Warriors. Even the 4 Horsemen were amazed at this.

Another time while I was at Cleveland Convention Center (October 26, 1984) a free-for-all erupted just outside the ring. According to news reports, 2 young female fans were allegedly assaulted by Ole Anderson while ringside. This reporter did not see anything of the like as I was ringside the whole time photographing the event. The local news reported on it and eventually following a few continuances, Ole pleaded “No Contest” to the charges.

Then there was the Cleveland Boxing/Wrestling Commission that was taking money from our NWA/WCW promoters and for what? I attended an official meeting in 1990 and took notes. I handed over copies of those notes to Ric Flair and Arn Anderson during a live WCW Cleveland Convention Center event shortly thereafter as I felt as though I was receiving unwarranted interference of my photography services during each and every card and I suggested that an investigation be conducted. That was unacceptable. Furthermore that evening, when the CBWC recording secretary asked “Naitch” if he would allow me to photograph him for his own personal perusal, Ric said, “No! We don’t do things that way!”  Case closed there. Shortly thereafter, the CBWC had no authority over our WCW events.

Ole was seen on WEWS-TV 5 in a Cleveland, Ohio Live on 5 segment as he was on the verge of turning heel on Thunderbolt Patterson and Tommy Rich. Within weeks, the Andersons were engaged in a bitter battle with Ole & Bolt.

In 1989, JJ took on a front office executive position with theWWE which lasted until 1997. In 1991, JJ responded to former CAPW wrestler TomThompson’s inquiry on how to work for the WWE. In his response, JJ stated thata wrestler “must have at least 5 years of verifiable experience training with areputable wrestling school” as a prerequisite. Tommy then sought training atthe Cleveland All Pro Wrestling school.

In 2007JJ was inducted into the Cauliflower Alley Club.

In 2009, Pittsburgh area indie wrestler Ken Jugan sold JJ onreturning to the ring for the school fundraiser Deaf WrestleFest where JJteamed up with “Handsome” Frank Staletto and “Beef Stew” Lou Marconi to facethe “Franchise” Shane Douglas, Dominic Denucci and Cody Michaels. It is highlybelieved that JJ was instrumental in Lou’s changing his moniker from “BeefStew” to “Old School” during this time.

At theApril 2011 Cauliflower Alley Club Training Seminar JJ made the followingcomments

“I first started out as a fan on Thursday nights in the mid1950s where stars such as Antonino Rocca and Karl Von Hess were performing andwhere working in pro wrestling became my dream. Karl would never sign anautograph as he was a heel’s heel.

“I pursued that dream of working in the business and got mystart in the Pittsburgh area in 1970. My mentor was Eddie Graham and duringthis time the Funks and the Briscos fought all over in different locations…”Myfirst match was a 6 Man Elimination Match where it was an honor to be in thering with Dominic DeNucci (whowas in attendance during this CAC seminar).

“Months before my 29th birthday I wrestled Gene Anderson for thefirst time. Having had that experience as a babyface helped me get a betterunderstanding of the business…Tex McKenzie was a tall and lanky babyface whowould trip, stoop, and then put his hat back on. The fans loved it.

“My first time seeing the original Destroyer was in ’74 or ’75in Japan where he got his tooth knocked out when he fought Pak Son. Destroyerwore that mask everywhere in public and in restaurants.He would carry on aconversation in Japanese and he became loved for it. In time, the Japanese fansrespected him.”

JJ on Dick the Bruiser:

“Because of his longevity Dick turned into a real babyface.”

…on Abdullah the Butcher:

“He never said a word. He had that big fork. That was it.”

“Dick Murdoch was a fine example of why a wrestler should not gointo bars… Your job can be at stake. He made people believe that ”He kickedmine so just think what he can do to you!’”

…”While a title may not mean anything anymore, the temporarysuspension of belief can still apply today. You don’t have that fan longevityas you did before. There is nothing of substance to bring the fans back toMadison Square Garden every 3 weeks.”


JJ On Heel Turns:

“Some of the faces were the biggest assholes and I really lovedbeing a heel at the time.’”

… “You have to stay in tune with the times. Everybody was sogiving and it was a great time.

On the 4Horsemen Era 

“Tully Blanchard was the pure heel of the 4 Horsemen.”…

On when Tully Blanchard slapped Baby Doll Nickla Roberts:

“Nickla Roberts came to Charlotte to give Tully a brand newlook. Tully referred to her as his Perfect 10 and they were a great, greatcombination. Her father Nick Roberts also wrestled and did interviews.

“That one slap was it. We went off the setwhich added to the uncertainty…We then broke Dusty’s leg. That lead to … Olehad a son who began an amateur state regional wrestling career and he wanted totake som time off.” (for it.) So, Ole had his leg injured …” 

Tully Blanchard video clip shown where he insults and attacksOle:

“If you had taken care of business in stead of some snot-nosedkid, then…”

Ole Anderson then attacked Tully Blanchard on the SuperstationWTBS – TV taping as the program went to a commercial break.

On the Gradual Heel Turn

“Tully was an “outsider” and his feelings had gotten hurt… For me less was more. I was thestory-teller and the facilitator to get us to the next part of the story.”

“Today you don’t have a great talent depth…Look at the Rock’sintro. He had already come from a successful wrestling family where theydecided to call him Rocky Maivia…and he had to be re-introduced…and I stillhear the push for John Cena…Why? I don’t think that there is an answer.Somewhere along the way the importance of logic got lost. What you did on thetown … WWE wants to be an action soap opera.”

Strat: From areporting context should I refer to WWE in WWWF or WWF terms for its historycontent?

JJ: “Itreally doesn’t matter and I really don’t care.”

Today, Ric Flair can be seen  during Carolina Hurricaneshockey team home games  giving his trademark“Whoooa” hollerwhenever they score a goal. During the April2, 2011 WWE HallofFame ceremony, Ric was present and sitting behind “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. 

Today,Tully Blanchard is the head booker of NWA: New Beginnings territory inCharlotte, NC and has been a backstage agent for the wrestling shows as part ofthe 2010 and 2011 NWA Legends Convention which were in Charlotte, NC andAtlanta, GA.

Tully is semi retired 2nd generation wrestler who on November13, 1989 became a born again Christian where he currently preaches Christiangospel to prison ministry inmates. In 1992 he became an assistant coach atCharlotte Christian School. His daughter Courtney married Magnum TA in March2005.

Arn currently serves as the senior producer of WWE RAW.

Recently, I caught up with Baby Doll Nickla Roberts. I recalledto her the time when on WTBS-TV and also in Pro Wrestling Illustrated shestated that “I’ve got the goods on Dusty Rhodes!” I never saw anything more on this.When I asked her what that was all about, she merely stated, “That’sbetween Dusty and me.” It has since been an honor to have her amongmy many Facebook friends.

Psycho Pat: “The 4 horsemen were the original 4men tag team heels, and a credit to thuggery. The later 90?s version showedeveryone how good they really were in the 80?s.”

While it actually all started in the 1970s the Legend of the Four Horsemen began in the early 1980s. While Ric Flair who many fans believe was the leader of the 4 Horsemen may have entered professional wrestling in the early to mid 1970s, Ole Anderson (aka Al Rogowski) along with his older “brothers” Lars and Gene Anderson comprised the Minnesota Wrecking Crew. Whereas doctors were telling Flair that he should leave the wrestling business due to back injuries sustained in an October 1975 airplane accident, wrestling officials were telling Ole and Gene to leave the business due to their ever-constant rule-breaking ways and apocalyptic tactics.

By 1983 when our “Nature Boy” defeated Harley Race for the NWA World title Arn Anderson (aka Marty Lunde) was being groomed as the newest member of the Minnesota Wrecking Crew. He wrestled mainly in singles matches when he began his wrestling career as well as in tag team matches with partner ‘Maniac’ Matt Borne.

On April 25, 1983 at Cleveland Convention Center Arn teamed up with Matt Borne to defeat Chief Joe Lightfoot & Brian Blair. … Later that night Tony Atlas defeated Ole Anderson.

May 4, 1983 at the Akron Breakaway Theater – Arn Anderson teamed up with Matt Borne again to defeat Brian Blair & Tito Santana. Later, in a Non-title Match Tony Atlas defeated NWA World Champion Ric Flair! During this time and among other firsts, Ole Anderson was instrumental in giving the Road Warriors their first break in wrestling.

May 31, 1983 at the Akron Breakaway Theater saw Arn team up with Matt Borne again to defeat Pistol Pez Whatley & Ray Candy.

The Relentless Rampage Begins!

On June 30, 1983 at Cleveland Convention Center Ole defeated Paul Ellering by disqualification after the Road Warriors interfered! They damn-near decimated Ole who vowed end the Legion of Doom’s career just as surely as he introduced them to Georgia Championship Wrestling and Jim Crockett Promotions. He demanded a match against the Road Warriors and eventually a tour was arranged to wrestle them in a series of matches throughout the United States. .

November 18, 1983 @ Cleveland Convention Center saw Ole return to Cleveland to team up with Buzz Sawyer & Pez Whatley. They were ready to rumble and in an unusual 6 Man Tag Team bout they defeated the Road Warriors & ‘Precious’ Paul Ellering ending LOD’s winning streak.

On December 27, 1983 at Canton Civic Center during an NWA World Jr. Heavyweight Championship match Tommy Rogers defeated Les Thornton with a Suplex!

[NOTE: Ole interjected himself and counted Thornton out while the ref was unconscious due to being accidentally knocked out due to an in-ring collision. Ole awarded the match and belt to Rodgers. Later, WCW returned the belt to Thornton due to Ol’s “controversial decision”. Later, Ole Anderson defeated Jake Roberts who got himself disqualified in his match.]

February 19, 1984 at Cleveland Convention Center – The Road Warriors & Paul Ellering defeat Ole Anderson, Stan Hansen and Pez Whatley when Animal pinned Whatley! Ole was then seething with rage.

Time to Introduce Arn

May 21, 1984 at Canton Civic Center Ole defeated Arn

Then 4 days later on May 25, 1984 at Cleveland Convention Center the stakes were raised. In an Elimination Match Ole teamed up with Stan Hansen & Brad Armstrong and defeated the Spoiler, Ted DiBiase, & Arn Anderson: In Fall #1) Ole pinned Arn. In Fall #2) Hansen defeats Spoiler somehow when both guys were counted out. Finally in Fall # 3) Ole pinned DiBiase!

It was still initiation time for Arn as on June 10, 1984 at Cleveland Convention Center in a brutal Strap Match Ole defeated him again!

On December 7, 1984 at Cleveland Convention Center Ole teamed up with Jimmy Valiant & Tommy Rich to defeat the New York Assassins & Jimmy Hart. Later, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair kept his NWA World Title by wrestling Ron Garvin to a Double Count Out.

December 27, 1984 at Cleveland Convention Center saw Ole & tag partner Thunderbolt Patterson defeated the Terminators (w mgr. Jimmy Hart). Ole makes a New Year’s resolution to start crippling his opponents beginning with Scott Hog Irwin and Wild Bill Irwin the Long Riders and winning titles.

Finally on January 11, 1985 at Cleveland Convention Center Ole & Thunderbolt Patterson defeated the Long Riders to win National Tag Team Title belts! They now had won the titles that the Road Warriors previously held and that seemed to have went to Ole’s head.

February 8, 1985 at Cleveland Convention Center: In a National Tag Team Title Lumberjack Match Ole & T-Bolt defeated Scott Hog Irwin & Doug Somers.

On March 5, 1985 at Canton Civic Center in a Brass Knuckles – No DQ stipulation match Ole defeated Scott Irwin!

On March 7, 1985 at WEWS –TV during a taped Live on 5 segment Ole, Tommy Rich & T-Bolt Patterson was interviewed by Steve Wolford as supervised by Wilma Smith for an episode that was aired on or around March 17th. Later that night at Cleveland Hts., High School in a Brass Knuckles Match Ole defeated Scott Hog Irwin (w Mgr. Jr).

It is interesting to note that Ole was in the process of turning on Thunderbolt and Rich at this time. Ole had a separate hotel from his partners Rich & Bolt. In the weeks to come Ole would claim on Superstation WTBS “Bolt, I’ve carried you, I’ve carried Tommy Rich and I’m just plain tired of it!”

March 28, 1985 at Cleveland Convention Center saw “Mad dog” Buzz Sawyer, Ole and Gene Anderson def Scott Hog Irwin, Kareem Muhammad & Ron Starr.

April 1, 1985 at Canton Civic Center saw Ole, Gene Anderson & Buzz Sawyer defeat Scott Hog Irwin, Rip Rodgers & Kareem Muhammad. The final match of the evening saw ‘Wildfire’ Tommy Rich unsuccessfully face Ric Flair for the NWA World Title.

April 27, 1985 at Cleveland Convention Center: Although not wrestling on this night, Ole was now the acting promoter for the Cleveland office and he was present back-stage negotiating with JJ Dillon and preparing Arn, Tully Blanchard and Ric Flair for eventual tag team superiority. They were finally together in the same building. In a Texas Bullrope Indian Strap Match Chief Wahoo McDaniel & Dusty Rhodes defeated Arn & Tully! Later that night, in a No Disqualification – No Time Limit – No Count Out NWA World Championship match Ric Flair defeated Ron Garvin! It had now been nearly 11 months since Ole wrestled his cousin Arn in that Cleveland Convention Center Strap Match. It had also been nearly 3 months since Ole & T Bolt defended their National Tag team Titles in Cleveland.

On May 5, 1985 at Steubenville, Ohio’s St. John Arena for the National Tag Team Title: T-Bolt Patterson & Manny Fernandez defeated Ole & Arn Anderson by DQ! Tully & Arn were now becoming adept at using well coordinated illegal tactics behind the referee’s back. Manny saw this on this night and after complaining to the commission said he’d start using the same methods to keep the belts from falling into Arn & Tully’s hands.

On May 18, 1985 at Cleveland Convention Center for the Manny Fernandez and T-Bolt defended the National Tag Team Titles and defeated Ole & Arn Anderson by DQ again! Ole & Arn would soon go on to win the National Tag Team Titles from Manny & T-Bolt which enflamed an already vicious feud between the Raging Bull and the Andersons. It may be interesting to not that the Road Warriors had just captured the AWA World Tag Team Championship by this time.

October 7, 1985 at Canton Civic Center saw in singles action Arn defeated Sam Houston. Later, Tully faced Magnum TA for the NWA U.S. Title where due to a Double Count Out Tully was able to keep his title. Next, NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair defeated Ron Garvin.

October 26, 1985 at Cleveland Convention Center: For the National Tag Title champs Ole & Arn Anderson def Jimmy Valiant & Sam Houston. Later, for the U.S. Title Tully Blanchard defeated Ron Garvin when the referee reversed the decision over Tully. Next, Ric Flair (w Arn Anderson) kept the NWA World Title by winning over Magnum TA (w Dusty Rhodes) by DQ !

* NOTE: During this time a couple of young female fans confronted Ole outside of the ring and started heckling him. They furthermore later stated in court that Ole attacked them. This reporter was ringside while this was reportedly happening. I did nor see anything of the likeness of what I was hearing and it is my opinion that the fans were merely looking for fast cash for baseless accusations. Ole plead “No Contest”.

November 16, 1985 at Cleveland Convention Center: In a “Taped Fists Match” Tully Blanchard defeated Ron Garvin. Later, Dusty Rhodes, Billy Jack Haynes, & Magnum TA defeated remaining 4 Horsemen members Ole, Ric Flair & Arn.

November 20, 1985 at Canton Civic Center: Terry Taylor def Tully Blanchard who was disqualified!

December 7, 1985 at Cleveland Convention Center saw Magnum TA defeat Ole Anderson in singles competition… Later in a Texas Death Match Dusty Rhodes defeated Arn. Still later in the main event Tully Blanchard is the last man eliminated in a $20,000 – 19 Man Bunkhouse Stampede Battle Royal that Magnum TA ultimately won!

January 12, 1986 at Cleveland Convention Center saw an NWA World Title match where Ric Flair defeated Dusty Rhodes when the Dream threw Flair over top rope and was disqualified for it. Later in an “I Quit” Match Magnum TA defeated Tully Blanchard!

February 9, 1986 at Cleveland Convention Center saw a Taped Fists Match where Tully Blanchard(w mgr JJ Dillon) defeated Jimmy Valiant(w Ron Bass). Later, Ric Flair defeated Ron Garvin in an NWA World Title match.

March 16, 1986 at Cleveland Convention Center: In singles action for the World TV Title Arn defeated Dusty Rhodes by DQ…Later in a US Title vs National Title Match Tully battled Magnum TA to a Double Count Out…Still later, champ Ric Flair defeated Ron Garvin in an NWA World Title match!

May 25, 1986 at Cleveland Convention Center saw Dusty Rhodes defeated Arn in sigles competition. Later in the main event NWA World champ Ric Flair defeats Robert Gibson by using ropes for pin leverage!

July 13, 1986 at Cleveland Stadium – Ron Garvin & Sam Houston wrestled Krusher Kruschev & Arn to a draw.

September 14, 1986 at Cleveland Convention Center Dick Murdoch defeated Arn. Next, for the National Title Wahoo McDaniel defeated Tully Blanchard by DQ thus allowing him to remain champion.

December 6, 1986 at Cleveland Convention Center Tully defeated Brad Armstrong who was counted out.

July 26, 1987 at Cleveland Stadium – In a World TV Title Match Tully Blanchard wrestled Jimmy Garvin to a DRAW.

October 7, 1987 at Cleveland Convention Center – The 4 Horsemen pick up the pace by entering into more than one match during this event. Lex Lugar with manager JJ Dillon defeated Cougar Jay. Later, Sting defeated Colt Steele. Still later, NWA World champion Ron Garvin defeated Tully Blanchard by DQ after Arn Anderson interfered… Next, Barry Windham kept the Western States Title by defeating Eddie Gilbert who was disqualified. Next, Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Lex Lugar & Tully took on Barry Windham, Mike Rotundo, & the Lightning Express. Both teams were disqualified. Finally for the World 6 Man Tag team Championship in a Cage Match Dusty Rhodes & the Road Warriors (w mgr Paul Ellering) defeated Ric Flair, Lex Lugar & Tully Blanchard (w mgr JJ Dillon) when Animal pinned Tully.

October 11, 1987 at Columbus Ohio Center saw Western States Champion Barry Windham defeat Dick Murdoch who got himself disqualified. – Later, Ric Flair battled NWA World champion Ron Garvin for the title but was counted out!

November 12, 1988 at Columbus Fairgrounds: Sting defeated Barry Windham by DQ. Next, Lex Lugar & Bam Bam Bigelow defeated the Midnight Express. In the Main Event, Ric Flair defeated Dusty Rhodes in a bloody match.

February 15, 1989 at Cleveland Convention Center during Clash of Champions V Ric Flair came out with several escorts to humiliate Ricky Steamboat during an in-ring promo. Steamboat came out, spoke of his contempt for Flair’s representation of the NWA World Title then tore the nature Boy’s clothes off in a replay from when they fought for the US title back in the 1980s. Later, Lex Lugar defeated the Blackmailer.

On June 16, 1989 @ Cleveland Public Hall Terry Funk vs Sting went to a Double Count Out. Next, Lex Lugar defeated Ricky Steamboat.

August 15, 1989 at Cleveland Convention Center saw Ric Flair defeat Brad Armstrong.

Later, Ric wrestled a second time and defeated a bloody Terry Funk followed by Lex Lugar defeating Brad Armstrong. Still later, Sting defeated the Great Muta by DQ followed by Lex Lugar’s second match of the night whereby he defeated Tommy Rich

August 10, 1990 at Cleveland Convention Center: Sting & Junkyard Dog defeated Ric Flair & Arn Anderson (w Sid Vicious).

August 12, 1990 at Canton Civic Center: Lex Lugar retained the U.S. Title by defeating Mean Mark Callous – reverse decision!

On October 18, 1990 at Canton Civic Center for the U.S. Title: Lex Lugar defeated Sid Vicious.

November 30, 1990 at Cleveland Convention Center saw Sting successfully defend the NWA World Title against Sid Vicious.

June 9, 1991 at Cleveland Convention Center: In a World TV Title Match Bobby Eaton defeated Arn Anderson. Next, Lex Lugar kept the U.S. Title when he and Nikita Koloff fought to a Double DQ. Next, in a Taped Fists Match Barry Windham defeated Brian Pillman.

– Finally, Ric Flair got himself DQed in order to keep the NWA World Title from El Gigante!

July 18, 1991 at Cleveland Convention Center: In a Texas Death Match Sting defeated Nikita Koloff who was counted out. Later, Lex Lugar defeated Bobby Eaton.

October 31, 1991 – 58 year old Gene Anderson (aka Gene Anderson) passes away.

November 2, 1991 at Cleveland Convention Center – Van Hammer pinned Arn Anderson

– Later, Sting defeated Abdullah (w Cactus Jack) by DQ… In the final match Harley Race & Mr. Hughes helped Lex Lugar retain the WCW Heavyweight Title when he pinned Brian Pillman

Next following his feud with Sgt. Slaughter, Hulk Hogan battled Ric Flair in what wrestling fans considered a Dream Match years before while they wrestled in competing promotions as main event world champions.

November 22, 1991 at Richfield Coliseum for the WWE Heavyweight Title Hulk Hogan defeated Ric Flair by Count Out.

January 30, 1992 at Cleveland Convention Center: In a US Title Match Rick Rude defeats Sting – DQ – reverse decision!

March 19, 1992 at Cleveland Convention Center – In an 8 & 1/2 Man Thunder Match the Steiners, Ricky Steamboat & Dustin Rhodes defeated Larry Zybyszco, “Stunning” Steve Austin, Arn Anderson, Bobby Eaton & Paul E. Dangerously. Later, Sting successfully defends the WCW World Title against Rick Rude.

March 21, 1992 at Richfield Coliseum:- Hulk Hogan & Roddy Piper defeated Ric Flair & Sid Justice.

September 12, 1992 at Cleveland Convention Center saw the Barbarian (w Cactus Jack) defeat Barry Windham. Next, Sting & Nikita Koloff defeated Super Invader & Jake Roberts.

On October 23, 1992 at CSU Convocation Center Kensuke Sasaki def Arn Anderson.

December 11, 1992 at CSU Convocation Center: Barry Windham vs Dustin Rhodes went to a Double DQ!

June 4, 1993 at CSU Convocation Center saw Arn & Marcus Bagwell defeated Steve Regal & Steve Austin.

April 1, 1996 at CSU Convocation Center during the Monday Nitro TV tapings – The Giant(Paul Wight) defeated Sting by disqualification. – Later for the WCW World Title champ Ric Flair defeated Lex Lugar!

June 7, 1996 at Buffalo, New York Memorial Auditorium – Randy Savage (w Angelo Poffo) def Rick Flair (w Destroyer). – Later, a WCW World Title match saw the Giant def Sting who got himself DQed.

During the September 30, 1996 at CSU Convocation Center Monday Nitro edition

– Arn Anderson defeated Chris Jericho in the Enforcer’s final WCW Cleveland appearance. It was now time for him to give up wrestling as he was suffering pain from breaking his neck 3 times while wrestling and thus ended the Four Horsemen wrestling as a cohesive unit.

November 19, 1999 @ CSU Convocation Center (AKA Wolstein Center) saw Bret Hart defeat Rick Flair on the same night that Bill Goldberg defeated Lex Lugar.

Recently, I caught up with Tom Storm who produces the entrance music for some of the local Northeast Ohio indie feds. I asked him what his favorite Ric Flair memories were and he had this to say:

TS: “Well… I remember a time at Public Hall in Downtown Cleveland, Ronnie Garvin was facing Flair for the Heavyweight Title.”

Strat: Be specific to one great memory or meeting with him experience.

TS: “Well, there was a dispute in the crowd between some bikers and some other people; the ref was paying more attention to what was going on outside the ring then inside. Flair & Garvin where BOTH using some illegal tactics. At one point Flair stood up and looked around to see what was going on. He looked to me and I shrugged my shoulders.”

Strat: How about the Four Horsemen?

TS: “The Four Horsemen Feud with Dusty Rhodes & Magnum T.A. was great!”

Article and photos by Paul Stratoti unless otherwise noted

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