SB NATION: It’s getting hard to buy the ‘WWE is anti-Becky Lynch’ narrative


An aspect of the SmackDown Women’s championship story, aka the hottest program in wrestling, has been the notion WWE wants Charlotte Flair as the face of the division/company rather than Becky Lynch. It ebbs and flows, as all themes in WWE do, but the Lasskicker really leaned into in her fallout interview:

“Of course, the chips are stacked against me one more time because they don’t want me to be the champ, they want Charlotte Flair to be the champ, that’s why they give her opportunity, after opportunity, after opportunity… they’re never wanted me to be the top dog.”

Part of that response was because of the (likely accurate) perception that WWE didn’t want Lynch as “top dog”. But continuing to push that story when her face is plastered all over the company website, from following ESPN’s lead & putting her #1 in their “Power Rankings” to an email blast touting a Network playlist of her favorite matches, is a tough sell. Ditto for crossover media appearances … Read the Full Story HERE

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