FORBES: Seth Rollins Is Dead Wrong About Why Fans Hate WWE


Superstar-Category_Superstar_562x408_sethRollinsSeth Rollins is slowly transitioning from one of WWE’s most popular stars to one of its most controversial.

In recent weeks, Rollins has had no problem taking aim at fan complaints, whether directed at him specifically or at WWE as a whole. He recently said that he believes fans are “jealous” of his high-profile relationship with Becky Lynch, criticized how much TV time The New Day is getting and had an interesting Twitter beef with New Japan Pro-Wrestling star Will Ospreay that clearly established him as the villain in the situation. Now, Rollins is turning heads once again.

Here’s what the former Universal Champion told Yahoo Sports (h/t Wrestling Inc) about why fans hate WWE:

“We’re the New York Yankees. It’s easy to hate the New England Patriots. We’re those teams, we’re the dynasty. It’s easy to hate usse, but we’re still the most popular company in the world at what we do. We’re so far beyond being a wrestling company that it’s very easy to point the finger and hate on us. That’s the cool thing to do, it makes perfect sense to me, it’s how it’s always been in sports and entertainment, you always hate the big guy. It’s fine, I’m not upset about it at all.” … Read More HERE



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