SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: David Starr Builds a Worldwide Profile by Being Unapologetically Himself

By JUSTIN BARRASSO – May 01, 2019

David Starr“The Product” David Starr is taking his own approach to success in pro wrestling.

His international odyssey has provided the opportunity to work on different canvases throughout the world, and Starr just traveled to Israel for a high-profile match against Ring of Honor staple Jay Lethal.

The 28-year-old Philadelphian has ventured far and wide to establish himself as one of wrestling’s proudest independent stars. Currently residing near London, Starr is in the process of putting in the miles to become a worldwide entity in wrestling.

And he is doing it on his terms.

“I hope that what I do shows wrestlers and fans that you can have your own opinion,” said Starr. “Stand on your own. Now there are institutionalized and systemic problems in every part of America, but don’t be afraid to take principle over profit… Read the Full Story HERE

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