SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: WWE Putting Promotion Over Content Has Hurt the Company


TRIPLE-H-and-STEPHANIE.pngIt’s always a little bizarre to write a serious column about the WWE’s TV product since things are scripted, but it’s also like any other program that can be picked apart for character development and storylines, so here we go.

Currently, the WWE product has major issues—and that’s an understatement. The talent is there, but the storylines and creative direction are in a really bad place—one of the worst ever.

From my perspective, it seems one of the biggest issues is that the company is more focused on promotion and brand awareness than the actual television product. The legit, week-in-week-out viewer is being ignored so the company can attempt to lure new viewers.

The WWE is now relying on a UFC guy and a boxer to draw a new audience. Wrestling fans want to see wrestlers, but the WWE is now featuring Cain Velasquez and Tyson Fury in prominent roles on its shows. The big Cain Velasquez debut on SmackDown‘s FOX premiere two weeks ago didn’t help viewership… Read More HERE

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