THE SIGNATURE SPOT: Brock Lesnar Vs Kurt Angle – The Definitive Timeline To WrestleMania 19

by Chris Toplack – JUL 13, 2020

The Signature Spot with Chris ToplackA true competitor spirit displays an absolute desire to win, achieve success and be considered the best in your respective field. Back in the early 2000s, I cannot think of two individuals who embodied this spirit more than Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle. This is the definitive timeline of their build towards the main event of WrestleMania 19.


Kurt Angle was simply born to win and established himself as one of the most accomplished amateur wrestlers in American history.

Angle became a two-time NCAA champion for Clarion University, a World freestyle champion in 1995, and a 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist.

When Kurt gravitated towards professional wrestling, he adapted to the industry far more quickly than anyone could have ever envisioned and ended up producing one of the greatest first years in the history of WWF/E.

As a member of the Minnesota Golden Gophers, Lesnar compiled a record of 106-5 overall in his four years of college. Upon graduating from the University of Minnesota, he was widely considered one of the best collegiate wrestlers in the world, capturing the NCCA Heavyweight Champion in 2000.

Brock was soon recruited by WWF, receiving the largest rookie contract ever provided to a talent. Given his lack of professional wrestling experience, this was a true testament to his limitless potential.

As expected, Brock quickly climbed the ranks of OVW, conquering the promotion with a short period of time and was labelled the Next Big Thing upon joining the main roster, a moniker he rightfully deserved.

A clash between these two alpha males with remarkably impressive backgrounds seemed all too inevitable.

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