SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: Marty the Moth says ‘The Fun Is About to Begin’

By JUSTIN BARRASSO  – September 24, 2018

The new face of Lucha Underground is a sadistic, serial killer-type who had a taste of WWE on Tough Enough but found his home in wrestling within a whole new galaxy.

Marty “The Moth” Martinez won the Lucha Underground championship this past Wednesday, adding a genuine heel to the ranks of wrestling’s world champs.

“I am the new face of the promotion that brought time travel to professional wrestling,” said Martinez, who is 33-year-old Martin Casaus. “I worked my freakin’ butt off to make this happen. I started as comedic relief. When I had the belt wrapped around my waist, I felt that I’d made it to the top of the mountain in Lucha Underground.”

Lucha Underground’s cinematic approach, combining supernatural elements and science fiction … Read the Full Story HERE


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