SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: The Raw After WrestleMania Shows How Important Fans Are to WWE


undertaker-wwe-raw-1166340-1280x0BROOKLYN — Elias sits on a stool in the middle of the wrestling ring wearing what looks like a tapestry from the 1300s as a cloak. His long hair is greasy, his beard is full, his guitar is acoustic. The night before, during WrestleMania at MetLife Stadium, John Cena made a surprise appearance and interrupted this Medieval-looking wrestler’s rock opera. Cena is now best known for starring in movies and granting hundreds of Make-A-Wish Foundation wishes, but WWE birthed him. So he revisited his “Doctor of Thugonomics” phase and strode down the long runway wearing jorts, a Yankees jersey flapping open over his perfectly toned pecs and several gold chains. He didn’t wrestle, but he did mercilessly roast Elias.

Tonight, at the Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania Sunday, Elias is telling the crowd that he simply will not stand for this kind of behavior. Whoever dares to interrupt this musical performance will die.

And that’s when the bell tolls. We all know for whom.

The crowd of thousands—there is no empty seat in Barclays Center—rises to its collective feet, its collective hands stretching toward the vaulted ceiling like some giant sea anemone opening up in the depths of the ocean. The arena goes dark. Lightning bolts cut across the video boards … Read the Full Story HERE


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