STRAIGHT FROM THE CAGE – 05.11.2018: A Look at Social Media & Pro Wrestling

By Danny Cage, Columnist

Social media today is on par with television promos & matches. Let me retract that statement. Social media is MORE important than television promos and matches in Professional Wrestling. 

More people are looking at their phones than are watching TV. I venture to say that most of you have seen/interacted with more posts from the Bullet Club than have watched full matches with Bullet Club members. Social media is today’s promo. The successful ones realized this some time ago and have utilized the tool perfectly. Each one putting their own spin on things. Professional Wrestling today is a dream for entrepreneurs. More so than any other time. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. All there for you to help brand yourself. To put asses in the seats. To sell your merchandise. To talk directly to your customers.

But for every person who is capitalizing on those platforms there are thousands of others who just go through the motions, or who are stuck in their ways and never even bother. Don’t think social media can have an impact? There is a kid yodeling in a Walmart going viral. Trending. Wrap your heads around that. The possibilities are limitless. You are your own business. Sell yourself to the masses. Let them know about your HARD TIMES or your CLANGING & BANGING or your JET FLYING, KISS STEALING, WHEELING DEALING, or your BOTTOM LINE! Best part is that you don’t need a producer, an editor, a camera, a set, or a green screen. All you need is your phone and the will to invest in yourself.

Go create. Throw some things against the wall and see what sticks! Not all will work. Not all will be pretty. But the key is to create. Put out content. Be consistent. Don’t let fear stop you. Fear is there like a final boss in a video game. Beat that boss, and move onto the next stage in your career. Or just sit on your ass and talk about “the good ol’ days of wrestling.” 


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