STRAIGHT FROM THE FACTORY – 04.28.2018: Tools in the Toolbelt

By Danny Cage,  Columnist

Tools in the tool belt. The more useful you are… the better chance you have of being hired.

These are things not being taught at Pro Wrestling schools.

received_10211699260976386 (1)What does all that mean? Why would anyone hire you if the only thing on your resume’ is Professional Wrestler? I can hear the “vets” blood boiling from here. But let me explain. Imagine you have two potential candidates to hire. Both of them have similar look, style, attitude, and experience. The only difference is that one speaks three languages. Has volunteered for numerous charitable causes. Their very own website where they write opinion pieces on pro wrestling plus training tips and advice. On top of all that they have a strong social media presence and can edit video content. So who would you hire?

You have to see the big picture. The quicker you realize that you are your own business the better. Those that have the attitude of, “I will show up to wrestle. Wrestle. Then leave. That is my job” will soon be gone forever. At least gone from the landscape of those making a career in Professional Wrestling. Do not limit yourself. Make yourself an asset to all you work for. Make it so you will not only get the job but you will keep the job. It might not seem like you have enough time to do all of this. Trust me. You do. Audit your week. Your day. You will find the time. The payoff is worth the hard work..

I am Danny Cage and I am thankful for all that Professional Wrestling has given me. Thanks for reading. 

Danny Cage is a contributing writer to and the owner of the World Famous Monster Factory. Follow him on Twitter  @TheDannyCage

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