Tag: 1970s

KAYFABE THEATER: Lord Alfred Hayes introduces ‘King James Valiant’

Lord Alfred Hayes is in the Carolinas, and he says he wants to bring in a true, royal gentleman. So, he introduces a very calm and demure Jimmy Valiant

KAYFABE THEATER: Wahoo speaks from his home about his Broken Leg

Wahoo McDaniel sits at his home with a cast on his leg, and lets Greg Valentine and Ric Flair know that he will be back for revenge

KAYFABE THEATER: Jerry Brisco discusses the match between his brother and...

After Jack Brisco defends the NWA title against The King in Memphis, his brother Jerry talks about the circumstances surrounding the match with Lance Russell

THE SUNDAY MATINEE – 08.25.2019: ‘The Winners’ featuring Bruno Sammartino (1976)

A profile of the legendary WWWF World Champion, from the series of sports documentaries produced by George A. Romero during the mid-1970's

KAYFABE THEATER: Dusty Rhodes says he & The Crusher are gunning...

In an early 70s promo, Dusty says he & The Crusher are the best duo since Nixon & Agnew, and that they're on their way for a showdown in Chicago

KAYFABE THEATER: The Andersons are coming to Greensboro to face Flair...

In this vintage promo from the mid-70's, Ole Anderson talks about he and Gene's upcoming showdown in the Carolinas with Ric Flair and Greg Valentine, and promises to cut Flair's hair off

THE WRESTLING TERRITORIES: WWF part 5 – The End of an...

Senior Editor Jim Phillips continues his journey through this series, charting the transformation of the WWF, from a Northeastern promotion to a global wrestling superpower

KAYFABE THEATER: Hulk Hogan as Sterling Golden

In this Georgia Championship Wrestling interview segment, a very young Hulkster talks to the legendary Gordon Solie under one of his original aliases

KAYFABE THEATER: Superstar Billy Graham Poster Commercial

A 1970s television ad for a poster featuring the one and only Superstar, floating out among the Comets and the Quasars, man...

KAYFABE THEATER: Ricky Steamboat and Jimmy Snuka win bodybuilding competition

Mid-70's: Long before they were WWE Hall of Famers, the two famous high-flyers take to the pedestal to flex their way to first and second place finishes