Tag: 1983


Jim Crockett Promotions presents the firstĀ Starrcade event, highlighted by Nature Boy Ric Flair against Harley Race for the NWA World Heavyweight title

KAYFABE THEATER: Ron Bass has officially signed on with James J....

Manager JJ Dillon is out to talk with Florida announcer Barbara Clary, and informs her that he's brought the Cowboy in to the fold

KAYFABE THEATER: Ric Flair is Making the Rounds as a Fighting...

1983 - Ric Flair does a reserved, straightforward interview, discussing his schedule with Gordon Solie, before departing for Puerto Rico to defend the title

KAYFABE THEATER: Jim Crockett Jr. speaks after Starrcade ’83

1983 - Gordon Solie interviews NWA Promoter Jim Crockett, Jr. following the events that unfolded at his company's first mega-event, Starrcade

KAYFABE THEATER: The King says he’s ready to battle with Tully...

In this 1983 interview, Jerry Lawler talks to Lance Russell about Tully Blanchard, who is on his way to Memphis, then Blanchard responds via video message

KAYFABE THEATER: Sunshine’s Statement

1983 - In World Class Wrestling, Sunshine gives an emotional press conference regarding the situation that involves Jimmy Garvin and his new valet, Precious

KAYFABE THEATER: Terry Gordy Knocks Down an Unruly Fan

In Dallas, a particularly rowdy spectator gets a little too close to the in-ring action, so Bam Bam takes matters in to his own hands...

KAYFABE THEATER: Behind the Scenes of Rocky vs. Thunderlips

1983 - A documentary clip showing Hulk Hogan's audition video for Rocky III and Hogan & Sylvester Stallone working out for their fight scene

KAYFABE THEATER: Ric Flair is ready to face off with Kerry...

The Nature Boy says that despite the fact that Kerry Von Erich scored a pinfall over him, he doesn't have what it takes to win the Ten Pounds of Gold

KAYFABE THEATER: ‘Iceman’ King Parsons Music Video

From World Class Championship Wrestling, King Parsons shows the fans why he's known as 'The Iceman'