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ESPN: WWE Royal Rumble Results

Charlotte Flair wins the women's Rumble match and Drew McIntyre eliminates Roman Reigns to win the men's side, as both secure a title opportunity at WrestleMania 36 wins Women's Rumble. and

WWE ROYAL RUMBLE 2020: Edge returns at Royal Rumble and delivers...

Edge shocks the WWE Universe with a surprise entrance in the Men’s Royal Rumble and immediately goes on the attack

FORBES: Royal Rumble 2020 Preview & Possible Booking Decisions

Even after WWE dropped the ball at its past few pay-per-view events, the expectations are high for what is typically one of WWE’s most anticipated shows of the year

FORBES: Important Questions WWE Must Answer In 2020

After a mostly disappointing 2019, columnist Blake Oestriecher takes a look at a list of things the promotion must improve on in the coming year

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: Vince McMahon Commits $500 Million to New XFL

The CEO divested 100 million in WWE stock in January, and now looks to bankroll his football league further for its 2020 launch


Coverage of Vince McMahon & Alpha Entertainment's huge announcement today of the re-launch of the league he originally founded in 2001, including video of the press conference