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BILL BURR: “Ric Flair Is The Funniest Human Being”

The comedian and pro wrestling FANATIC discusses his love for the Nature Boy and the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary in a live version of his podcast

ESPN: Wrestling community reacts to the newest 30 for 30: ‘Nature...

What some of the most famous names in professional wrestling history thought of the 30 for 30 special on Ric Flair that premiered last night

BLEACHER REPORT: Schedule and Preview for Ric Flair Documentary

TONIGHT, the Nature Boy will take center stage on ESPN, as the network debuts the long-awaited Ric Flair 30-for-30 special

ESPN: How 30 for 30’s ‘Nature Boy’ became a reality

More information about the personal nature of the Ric Flair documentary, including details that some animation was used as part of the film-making

ESPN: Another preview released as Ric Flair Documentary draws closer

ESPN has posted another video hyping the debut of the 30 for 30 special, where Flair talks about his wrestling ability and in-ring technique

CLIPPED: ESPN to Release Flair Documentary on Nov. 7th

WATCH the trailer for the long-awaited "30 for 30" special