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The Weird Happenings of Pro Wrestling 03.19.2020

During these strange times for pro wrestling, columnist Eddie McDonald looks at some other...even stranger times?


OVW Heavyweight Champion Justin Smooth discusses his current title reign, his future, and what it means to be 'The Trinidad Titan'

Ohio Valley Wrestling Looks to Re-Ignite a Tuesday Night Tradition

Following in the long standing tradition of professional wrestling in the City of Louisville, OVW will begin their new schedule, starting tonight

OVW’s Cali Young is headed for Women of Wrestling

Young will appear on national television as a “Superhero” on WOW’s weekly cable series airing Saturday’s on AXS-TV

THE CASUAL SHEEP – 07.05.2019: The Unsung Heroes

Columnist Goose Mahler pays tribute to the unsung heroes behind some of wrestling biggest stars - their trainers

WDRB: Ohio Valley Wrestling to open first professional wrestling trade school

The world's first professional wrestling trade school could open soon Louisville, thanks to Ohio Valley Wresting

IMPACT Wrestling Re-establishes Developmental Agreement with Ohio Valley Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling announced today that it has re-entered into an agreement with OVW to serve as its official development and training territory


COLLARxELBOW is the brand name wrapped around Al Snow's revolutionary vision of wrestling's future, as he merges promoting, training & merchandising all in one


During Impact Wrestling‘s live stream at WrestleCon this morning, Al Snow announced he has purchased Ohio Valley Wrestling

Upcoming film wrestles with romance

"Waking Up His Wife" is a motion picture that will cross over into the world of wrestling in more ways than one.