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KAYFABE THEATER: Andre and Atlas want the Mid-South Tag Titles

Ted DiBiase and Matt Borne may have the Mid-South belts, but as they learn in this interview segment, they are being targeted by Tony Atlas and Andre the Giant

KAYFABE THEATER: Andre the Giant challenges Harley Race

Paul Boesch introduces Andre & Carolina promoter David Crockett, and The Giant signs to challenge for the NWA World title at The Summit in Houston

TODAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY… JAN 28th: The final ‘Main Event’

The WWF films the last episode of the SNME spinoff, featuring the debut of Paul Bearer and the announcement of Slaughter vs. Hogan for WrestleMania VII


Remembering the Life, Legacy & Legend of wrestling's biggest icon, who sadly passed away 25 years ago today, on January 27, 1993

KAYFABE THEATER: Andre the Giant & Frank Valois with Big Bill...

The Eighth Wonder of the World and his translator talk about the competition in Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling with the Carolina announcer


A biography and video tribute to one of the greatest female wrestlers of her generation, Luna Vachon, who sadly passed away on this day in 2010

KAYFABE THEATER: Bill Apter makes a WrestleMania prediction (1987)

On an episode of 'Pro Wrestling This Week', PWI Senior Editor Bill Apter gives his thoughts on the upcoming Hogan-Andre match up at 'Mania

THE GLORIFIED JOBBER – 04.20.2018: Massive Memories

In the wake of the HBO documentary, St. Louis sportscaster Jason Fink makes his debut at TheGorillaPosition, discussing his memories of Andre the Giant

KAYFABE THEATER: Andre the Giant on WCW Television

1992 - In his final TV appearance in the United States, Andre the Giant is interviewed by Gordon Solie at WCW Clash of the Champions XX


Guest columnist Justin Ballard of Enuffa.com gives us a look back at WrestleMania III, on a day marking 25 years since the death of Andre the Giant