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NWA: Ten Pounds of Gold # 59 | A Sneak Peek...

The National Wrestling Alliance brought back studio wrestling this past week in Atlanta, with the debut tapings of their new series


The seeds of The Four Horsemen are planted when The Nature Boy and the Wrecking Crew attack The American Dream- right after he saves Flair from the Russians

NWA: Will Jocephus Bring His Kingdom to Atlanta?

One of the most interesting characters in the last two years of the National Wresting Alliance sends a special message regarding his plans for Atlanta

KAYFABE THEATER: Gordon Solie Announces an In-Ring Hamburger Eating Contest

Gordon Solie calls the action during a hamburger eating contest at the WTCG channel 17 wrestling studios

KAYFABE THEATER: Dusty Rhodes & Tommy Rich join forces in Georgia

The American Dream and The Wildfire explain to Gordon Solie that they are officially partners, and will face off against Roddy Piper and Ole Anderson at the Omni

BLEACHER REPORT: Ken Shamrock’s Bar Brawl Debut Was a Unique and...

The legendary UFC fighter appeared in a whole, new environment, as he took part in McAloon Productions' "No Ring, No Rules" bar wrestling in Atlanta last week

KAYFABE THEATER: The Freebirds invade Georgia

Michael Hayes, Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts make their way to Georgia Championship Wrestling- and southern 'rasslin' would never be the same

NWA: ‘Fade Up From Black’ | Ten Pounds of Gold #47

The Ten Pounds of Gold series dives into the incredible survival story of PJ Black after a BASE jumping accident nearly ended his career and his life

TODAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY… DEC 8th: Turning up the Heat...

Harlem Heat wins the first of 10 WCW World tag team titles by defeating Marcus Alexander Bagwell and The Patriot (Stars & Stripes) in Atlanta

SMACKDOWN: AJ Styles vs. Daniel Bryan – WWE Championship Match |...

Unable to wait until WWE Crown Jewel, The Phenomenal One and The "Yes!" Man square off for the WWE Championship on SmackDown LIVE