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KAYFABE THEATER: Austin Idol & The Masked Superstar address their issues...

The reigning Television Champion and The Superstar tell Gordon Solie that they are going to dispose of Kevin Sullivan, and then capture the National Tag Team titles

KAYFABE THEATER: Austin Idol & Kevin Sullivan join forces to take...

Austin Idol & Kevin Sullivan tell Gordon Solie that they hve buried the hatchet and they are out for revenge against The Fabulous Freebirds

KAYFABE THEATER: The Idolators perform ‘Heartthrob’ for Austin Idol

As Freddie Miller sits down to talk with Austin Idol, a band performs a tune dedicated to The Universal Heartthrob, in the style of 'Wild Thing'

KAYFABE THEATER: Dutch Mantell talks about Vietnam

1981 - Dutch Mantell talks to Lance Russell about the war, and tells Tojo Yamamato that he won't let anyone insult his country or his service

KAYFABE THEATER: The King Talks Trash About Austin Idol

Just ahead of his title bout with Austin Idol, Jerry Lawler comes out with manager Jimmy Hart to brag a little and cast some insults at the challenger

KAYFABE THEATER: Austin Idol & The Masked Superstar want to rule...

Gordon Solie is out to interview The Superstar and the Georgia TV Champion, and they say they're going to win the upcoming tag team title tournament

KAYFABE THEATER: The Road Warriors talk about coming to Memphis

1984 - Hawk and Animal are on their way to Memphis to face Jerry Lawler and Austin Idol at the Mid-South Coliseum

NWA: Jocephus makes an offer to Crimson

Was Jocephus really trying to help Crimson during the Nick Aldis vs. Crimson match for the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship?

NWA: Tommy Dreamer & Nick Aldis will face off for NWA...

With the Aldis Crusade kicking off on February 11th, Nick Aldis faces a true challenge to his reign, as Billy Corgan puts him to the test

NWA: A Special Message From Nick Aldis and Austin Idol

The new NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis and his manager the legendary Austin Idol had cameras follow them home to record this special message