Tag: Baron Von Raschke

KAYFABE THEATER: Paul Jones & Baron Von Rashcke talk about their...

The NWA Television Champion and The Master of the Claw tell Rich Landrum that they have formed a tag team due to their mutual respect for one another

KAYFABE THEATER: Baron Von Raschke Pizza Commercial

The Baron does a local TV spot for Minnesota-based Bernatello's Homemade Quality Pizza

KAYFABE THEATER: The Baron, The Mad Dog & The Hulkster do...

Mean Gene Okerlund interviews American Wrestling Association stars Baron Von Raschke, Mad Dog Vachon and Hulk Hogan before a six-man tag team match

KAYFABE THEATER: Baron Von Rashcke as Santa Claus

1984 -The Baron comes out on Pro Wrestling USA dressed as the jolly St. Nick, and reads down a list of sports figures who have been naughty and/or nice

KAYFABE THEATER: Manny Fernandez & Jimmy Valiant are out for Paul...

The Raging Bull and The Boogie Woogie Man talk to Tony 'Schiavon-To', and warn Paul Jones that they are coming to knock him out and shave his head