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A LITTLE FROM COLUMN B – 08.27.2018: Evolt-Shun

The time for women gaining ground is an idea whose time has come, and perhaps, is here to stay… even if it's only once a year

A LITTLE FROM COLUMN B – 07.30.2018: 2nd Amendment Reichs

Associate Editor Bayani Domingo returns to examine the controversy surrounding one Pennsylvania indy wrestler's goose-stepping gimmick

A LITTLE FROM COLUMN B – 07.07.2018: From Omega to Alpha

Kenny Omega parlayed his move to Japan many years ago into becoming the single most popular and sought-after full-time wrestler in the industry

A LITTLE FROM COLUMN B – 06.01.2018: If You Don’t Make...

In light of recent events in the entertainment world, wrestlers have to be more mindful than ever about their social media accounts and personal behavior

A LITTLE FROM COLUMN B – 05.25.2018: From Hexagon to Pentagon

Columnist Bayani Domingo discusses Impact Wrestling's innovative business model, and how their policy of partnership is quickly leading to success

A LITTLE FROM COLUMN B – 04.02.2018: Monster Mash

Recently, when given the opportunity to build a fearsome and frightening force, pro wrestling companies have shown a tendency to 'Lame' the Beast

A LITTLE FROM COLUMN B – 03.02.2018: The Great Black Hope

A look at the role of today's black performers and how the return of Bobby Lashley could provide an opportunity to change an unpopular perception of WWE

A LITTLE FROM COLUMN B – 02.09.2018: Nippon-calypse

WWE is making a full-on blitz to capitalize on the success and popularity of Japanese wrestling, and it represents a change in the overall tone of the company

A LITTLE FROM COLUMN B – 01.26.2018: Guilty by Accusation

The flood of internet information that follows every wrestling scandal arms fans with plenty of mis-information to make snap judgements

A LITTLE FROM COLUMN B – 01.16.2018: #TimesUp

Amidst all that's happened in Hollywood and Washington, pro wrestling has made strides to step far way from a once-oppressive past