Tag: Billy Jack Haynes

KAYFABE THEATER: Jim Crockett Jr. puts Billy Jack Haynes in the...

With the World Television title now vacated, Jim Crockett has announced a tournament, and invites the Portland powerhouse to participate

KAYFABE THEATER: Billy Jack trains for The Nature Boy and The...

Billy Jack Haynes shows off his training in preparation for his shot at Ric Flair's NWA World Title at the Pacific Northwest 60th Anniversary supercard

KAYFABE THEATER: Rip Oliver is a REALLY Bad Santa

It's Christmas time in Portland, so The Crippler lets Billy Jack Haynes know that Santa Claus is coming to town... and, he's brought a tire iron with him

KAYFABE THEATER: Dory Funk Jr. slaps Billy Jack!

Dory Funk talks with Gordon Solie, and slaps Billy Jack, after he insinuates that Dusty Rhodes is the best athlete to come out of West Texas State University

THE WRESTLING TERRITORIES: The Pacific Northwest – Portland

This continuing series, looking back on pro wrestling's regional era, winds its way up to Portland, and Don Owens' legendary PNW promotion