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Fans are excited to see Matt Hardy finally 'WOKEN'... but his feud with Bray Wyatt could be the shot in the arm that The Eater of Worlds is looking for

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It would be easy to understand why some fans have stopped watching 205 Live, but the show deserves a second chance, for several reasons

BLEACHER REPORT: Strowman’s Success Proves Not All Pushes Are Created Equally

Braun Strowman, who has had a breakout 2017 after steadily being pushed since the WWE's brand split, has made the most of a golden opportunity

BLEACHER REPORT: Roman Reigns is the Wrong Guy to Elevate IC...

"No one has been able to restore the title to its former glory, and that won't change with Roman Reigns as champion."

BLEACHER REPORT: John Cena Reportedly Sued by Ford

Ford Motor Company is taking WWE star John Cena to court after the 16-time world champion sold a $500,000 Ford GT

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Following the call-ups in WWE this week, Bleacher Report takes a look at the history of NXT wrestlers who have made the jump to the main roster

Biggest Winners, Losers, & Moments from NXT TakeOver WarGames

Bleacher Report breaks down last night's TAKEOVER: WARGAMES card in Houston, and where the NXT roster goes from here

BLEACHER REPORT: ‘THE ROCK 2020’ Is More Real Than You Think

Polls have shown The Rock would do well in a political election, but would The Great One really take a shot at The Oval Office?