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BLEACHER REPORT: Mistakes Make WWE, Not AEW, Look Like the New...

Right now.. It is WWE, not All Elite Wrestling, making downright awful decisions, squashing beloved characters, taking losses in ratings and getting booed out of their own shows

BLEACHER REPORT: Picks That Must Happen at the 2019 WWE Draft

There are a number of competitors from both brands who would benefit from switching shows after not doing much of note for the past few months

BLEACHER REPORT: Lessons WWE can Learn from Past Brand Splits

The company should have enough experience trading between the shows to have their annual talent swap down to a science

BLEACHER REPORT: Finn Balor Discusses His Legacy & The Evolution of...

Finn Balor is back in NXT and is ready to "redefine" his legacy with the black-and-yellow brand.

BLEACHER REPORT: Cody Rhodes Is Ready For War

The American Nightmare has readied his troops in what will be the biggest battle in professional wrestling in nearly two decades

BLEACHER REPORT: UFC Legend Cain Velasquez in Contract Talks with WWE...

Cain Velasquez is seemingly exploring his options in professional wrestling after a report emerged Sunday that the UFC legend met with officials from WWE and All Elite Wrestling

BLEACHER REPORT: How Can WWE Fix Its Nostalgia Problem?

The company keeps relying on names from the past as an attempt to drum up ratings and get former viewers to tune in again

BLEACHER REPORT: The Undertaker Should Attack The Fiend at Hell in...

The Undertaker should emerge from beneath the ring, and drag The Fiend into the depths of hell

BLEACHER REPORT: Which NXT Stars Stood Out the Most on the...

While the premiere was a success that showcased a wide variety of gifted performers, some noteworthy figures took a little more of the spotlight and stood out as the top talent of the night

BLEACHER REPORT: Sami Zayn Has Turned Into Shinsuke Nakamura’s WWE Savior

Zayn's microphone skills have helped give The Artist the voice he needs as he continues to cultivate his heel persona