Tag: Bob Caudle

KAYFABE THEATER: Jake Roberts Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Interview

Jake Roberts is being interviewed by Bob Caudle, and he says that he's disgusted by the recent tactics of Sergeant Slaughter and his cronies

KAYFABE THEATER: Roddy Piper and Dick Slater brawl in the WPCQ...

Roddy Piper is having a serious discussion with Bob Caudle, when he's interrupted by Dick Slater, leading to a battle all the way up to the ring

KAYFABE THEATER: Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling Opening

The original opening sequence for the Crockett Promotions' television show, as it aired on WXII-TV 12 in Winston-Salem, NC

KAYFABE THEATER: Mid-Atlantic Wrestling – SportsChannel Commercial

A TV ad featuring the stars of Jim Crockett Promotions, like Dusty Rhodes and The Midnight Express, on the major cable sports network from WRBL in Columbus, GA

KAYFABE THEATER: Flair gets a Present from The Piper

After winning the US Heavyweight title, Roddy Piper calls out The Nature Boy Ric Flair and says that he's giving him a hand-me-down, the Television title belt

KAYFABE THEATER: Ric Flair stands up to Gene Anderson’s Army

1980 - The newly crowned, U.S. champ, Ric Flair, faces off with "Anderson's Army", consisting of Jimmy Snuka, Iron Shiek, and Gene Anderson

KAYFABE THEATER: Baby Doll says The Dream is Hiding Something

Dusty Rhodes receives his belt buckle for winning the Bunkhouse Stampede, when Baby Doll hands him an envelope with some supposedly incriminating information

KAYFABE THEATER: Who’s the Man Under the Sheet in Smoky Mountain?

The Rock 'n' Roll Express shock Jim Cornette when they reveal a former Horseman as their mystery partner