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KAYFABE THEATER: Magnum TA doesn’t like being reprimanded

Magnum TA is in hot water, after he loses it on NWA President Bob Geigel.

TODAY IN PRO WRESTLING HISTORY… FEB 9th: The Outlaw doesn’t get...

1983 - The Midnight Rider (Dusty Rhodes under a mask) defeats Ric Flair to win the World Heavyweight Championship, until NWA President Bob Geigel steps in...

KAYFABE THEATER: NWA President Bob Geigel speaks!

Bob Caudle talks to the NWA President and finds out that Bob Orton and Dick Slater have been fined $5000 apeice for their attack on Ric Flair


This week, Jim Phillips heads out to sweet & smoky Kansas City, where we grill up some memories of Bob Geigel and the Central States territory

DOCUMENTARY: ‘KC on the Mat’

An outstanding look at the Central States affiliate of the NWA, featuring interviews with Harley Race, Bob Geigel, and announcer Bill Kersten, among others