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KAYFABE THEATER: The Fantastics – ‘Sharp Dressed Man’ music video

Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton - The Fantastics - are featured in a special Mid-South Wrestling video, set to the hit song by ZZ Top

THE BILL APTER VIDEO PODCAST – 05.24.2018: A ‘Fantastic’ Interview

The legendary Bill Apter goes over some news of the day, then talks with 'The Fantastic' Bobby Fulton and TGP Editor Ryan Boman gives The Wrestler of the Week award


This week, Jim Phillips takes a look at Joe Blanchard's hard-hitting promotion, based out of San Antonio, Texas

ROAD STORIES & RIBS – 05.01.2018: All Roads Lead Home for...

This week, Jim Phillips catches up with Bobby Fulton, who shared some funny and 'fantastic' stories, as he winds down a long, illustrious career