BREAKING IN – 12.04.2018: Bob Roop

Senior Editor Jim Phillips presents part 1 of a discussion with legendary amateur-turned-pro Bob Roop, on the origins of his career and his early beginnings

BREAKING IN – 10.23.2018: Matt Cimber

This week, a discussion with Matt Cimber - Hollywood director, former husband of Jayne Mansfield, and one of the men behind the original G.L.O.W. series

BREAKING IN – 09.11.2018: Vordell Walker

Senior Editor Jim Phillips returns to the helm of this perspective series, and talks with Georgia wrestler Vordell Walker about his early days in the ring

BREAKING IN – 07.24.2018: John Maguire

A look at the beginnings of the Gentrys music man and WWF song writer, who collaborated with Jimmy Hart on some of the most recognizable tunes of all time

BREAKING IN – 07.10.2018: Damien Wayne Kostyal

Senior Editor Jim Phillips re-traces the steps of Virginia veteran Damien Wayne, from his roots to becoming a member of The Extreme Horsemen

BREAKING IN – 07.04.2018: Joe Blumenfeld

Discussing the beginnings and career of the man known as the heart and soul of Old School Championship Wrestling

BREAKING IN – 06.05.2018: Bruce Tharpe

Jim Phillips stops by to visit with the longtime promoter and former NWA President, and re-traces the steps he took early in his career