Tag: Buddy Landel

KAYFABE THEATER: Buddy Landel says he’s here to replace Ric Flair

Nature Boy Buddy Landel and his manager, JJ Dillon, tell Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, and all the other contenders that they just don't match up

KAYFABE THEATER: Butch Reed has had ENOUGH of Buddy Landel!

After growing tired of Buddy Landell's double dealings, Hacksaw Butch Reed calls him a 'parasite' and then lays him out

KAYFABE THEATER: Buddy Landel Heads Out To Hollywood

James J Dillon introduces a video package that shows The Nature Boy Buddy Landel, as he enjoys the pleasures of Tinsel Town

KAYFABE THEATER: Buddy Landel Goes To Hollywood

James J Dillon lets Tony Schiavone know that Buddy Landel is now auditioning for a movie, and shows video of his exploits out in Tinsel Town

KAYFABE THEATER: Jerry Lawler shares his feelings about Buddy Landel &...

The King appears via video and says that when he gets back to Memphis, he's going to take care of the Nature Boy and The Superstar for what they did to Jeff Jarrett

KAYFABE THEATER: Buddy Landel and Bill Dundee say that there’s a...

The Superstar and the Nature Boy threaten Lance Russell and then accuse CWA officials of having it out for them.

KAYFABE THEATER: A Pair of Hacksaws

1984 - Butch Reed and Jim Duggan unite against a common enemy, after Buddy Landel and Skandor Akbar try to take both men out of Mid-South Wrestling