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KAYFABE THEATER: Buddy Rose Gets Revenge On Rip Oliver

After Rip Oliver takes advantage of his opponent and throws the referee down, Playboy Buddy Rose comes running in to save the day

KAYFABE THEATER: Ric Flair talks about facing Buddy Rose in Portland

The Nature Boy is in the Pacific Northwest and has a title defense with Buddy Rose, who interrupts him and tells everyone that he's the next World Champion

THE WRESTLING TERRITORIES: The Pacific Northwest – Portland

This continuing series, looking back on pro wrestling's regional era, winds its way up to Portland, and Don Owens' legendary PNW promotion

KAYFABE THEATER: Buddy Rose shows off his “Playboy” lifestyle

From All-Star Wrestling in Vancouver, a music video showing Buddy Rose with his many women, cars and homes, set to the motion picture score of "Rocky"

KAYFABE THEATER: Vince McMahon promotes an NWA World Title Match

The WWF owner appears on PNW television to conduct this interview with "Playboy" Buddy Rose about his upcoming NWA World Title Match with Ric Flair in Seattle