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KAYFABE THEATER: Butch Reed has had ENOUGH of Buddy Landel!

After growing tired of Buddy Landell's double dealings, Hacksaw Butch Reed calls him a 'parasite' and then lays him out

KAYFABE THEATER: Hacksaw Butch Reed talks about becoming the Unified World...

The new USWA titleholder has defeated The Junkyard Dog, and issues a challenge to Jerry Lawler

KAYFABE THEATER: Butch Reed Music Video – ‘Survival’

From Mid-South Wrestling, a music video highlighting Hacksaw Butch Reed, set to the rap song "The Message II (Survival)" by Grandmaster Flash

KAYFABE THEATER: Butch Reed humiliates Ric Flair

The Nature Boy calls out Butch Reed - mistakenly calling him 'Bruce'- only to be stripped by the Hacksaw in front of all the fans in the Florida territory

KAYFABE THEATER: Hacksaw Butch Reed Music Video

1985 - A music video produced by Mid-South Wrestling of Butch Reed in the ring and at the gym... featuring break dancers, and set to the song, 'Body Work'

KAYFABE THEATER: Butch Reed turns his back on The Junkyard Dog

MID-SOUTH WRESTLING (1983) - Hacksaw Butch Reed issues a challenge to JYD for the North American title that turns ugly

KAYFABE THEATER: A Pair of Hacksaws

1984 - Butch Reed and Jim Duggan unite against a common enemy, after Buddy Landel and Skandor Akbar try to take both men out of Mid-South Wrestling