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AEW pulled off an impressive talent reveal at its Las Vegas event, but one moment recently might tell more about the company's strategy than anything else

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The Chairman of WWE appears to be appropriating funds for the re-launch of the XFL in 2020, but still maintains a firm hold on his wrestling empire

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Despite once being on the outside looking in, Becky Lynch has no quietly emerged as the new 'chosen one' of the WWE Womens division

David Arquette has a bloody and bizarre finish in his match...

A bloody deathmatch between actor David Arquette and Nick Gage ended in bizarre fashion Friday night at Joey Janela’s LA Confidential

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The Chairman of WWE took a more of a hands-on approach to the all-women's pay-per-view than he has generally been given credit for

CAGESIDE SEATS: John Cena says a WWE heel turn ‘isn’t happening’

Don’t hold your breath, says The Face Who Used To Run The Place, on him returning as a 'bad guy'

Tony Schiavone returns as part of WWE’s version of Starrcade

World Wrestling Entertainment brings back the legendary announcer and the WCW Control Center to hype Starrcade 2017 in this video package

CLIPPED: WWE might have changed their SummerSlam plans

A 17th world title may not necessarily be in the plans for John Cena.