Tag: Championship Wrestling from Florida

KAYFABE THEATER: Kevin Sullivan talks about facing Blackjack Mulligan at Lords...

The Prince of Darkness delivers a message to Blackjack Mulligan, and lets him know that he's going to wrap his own "hangman's noose" around the big Texan's throat

KAYFABE THEATER: Ron Bass has officially signed on with James J....

Manager JJ Dillon is out to talk with Florida announcer Barbara Clary, and informs her that he's brought the Cowboy in to the fold

KAYFABE THEATER: Ric Flair runs down all the contenders in Florida

The Nature Boy gives his opinion on all the Florida wrestlers who want to get their hands on the Gold - like Jack Brisco, Mike Graham and Dusty Rhodes

KAYFABE THEATER: Dory Funk Jr. slaps Billy Jack!

Dory Funk talks with Gordon Solie, and slaps Billy Jack, after he insinuates that Dusty Rhodes is the best athlete to come out of West Texas State University

KAYFABE THEATER: Ric Flair has a riddle for Barbara Clary

The Nature Boy is town with the Ten Pounds of Gold, and asks the announcer if she knows the three words he's NEVER heard from a woman in Florida?

KAYFABE THEATER: Ron Bass turns on Dusty Rhodes

In Florida, The Cowboy takes the side of Harley Race in his war with The American Dream

KAYFABE THEATER: Kevin Sullivan Throws a Fireball into Dusty Rhodes’ Face

The demonic Kevin Sullivan introduces The Purple Haze, and then later... burns The American Dream with some pyrotechnics

KAYFABE THEATER: Behind the Scenes with Gordon Solie and Barry Windham

An uncut look at the Legendary Announcer and a young Barry Windham as they prepare to do promos in Florida... including bloopers!

KAYFABE THEATER: Terry Funk is the New NWA World Champion

1975 - The new NWA World Heavyweight Champion Terry Funk is interviewed by the legendary Gordon Solie

KAYFABE THEATER: Kevin Sullivan & Oliver Humperdink claim they’ve ran Superstar...

Sullivan and his manager are gloating that Billy Graham is gone for good, but now they find out that The Superstar has been laying in wait for them