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THE SIGNATURE SPOT – 01.17.2019: The Best Royal Rumble Moments

This week, Chris is joined by Chris Morrison, and they relive the best moments in Royal Rumble history, along with a recap NXT UK, Raw, Smackdown and NXT

THE SIGNATURE SPOT – 12.06.2018: Make Raw Great Again

Remembering Dynamite Kid, highlights from the week, the status of Alexa Bliss, an all-time low in the ratings and I’m joined by Chris Morrison where we discuss how to Make Raw Great Again

THE SIGNATURE SPOT – 11.08.2018: The Best Of Survivor Series

Chris discusses his total dislike for WWE Crown Jewel, weekly news & highlights, and a Survivor Series 'Best Of' list with special guest Chris Morrison

THE SIGNATURE SPOT – 10.11.2018: The Greatest Superstars and Moments in...

Host Chris Toplack discusses Super Show-Down and how Raw made up for it, UFC 229, NJPW, and the greatest moments in Smackdown history with Chris Morrison