Tag: Comedy

WWE: ‘The Elf Among Men’ – A Christmas Parody

World Wrestling Entertainment issues a video on their YouTube channel of Braun Strowman in a holiday spoof. Merry Christmas

BILL BURR: “Ric Flair Is The Funniest Human Being”

The comedian and pro wrestling FANATIC discusses his love for the Nature Boy and the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary in a live version of his podcast

KAYFABE THEATER: Batman comes to Memphis to face ‘The Super King’

Batman (Adam West)- dressed in a cowl and sweatsuit- visits the WHBQ studios in Memphis to confront the evil "Super King", Jerry Lawler

Trailer for John Cena’s “Blockers” has been released

Watch this look at the Universal pictures' comedy starring Cena and Leslie Mann- set for release in April 2018

KAYFABE THEATER: Studd, Patera & The Brain take a little off...

Bobby Heenan and his two strongmen give a terrible haircut to a poor guy on Tuesday Night Titans

FOUND IN THE WILD: ‘Revenge of The Black Scorpion’

The Black Scorpion angle may have been COMICALLY BAD, but artist Neil Purcell sees it more like a COMIC BOOK... pitting Sting & Scooby against The Scorpion.

CLIPPED: The Rock has the SNL Cast’s ‘Back’

Dwayne Johnson set to host the show's season finale this weekend.

LATE NIGHT, LAST NIGHT – 04.21.2017: The Administration vs. Legalization

The Daily Show's Trevor Noah jokes about the anti-marijuana push from the White House.