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Velasquez vs Brock

WWE: Brock Lesnar comes face-to-face with Cain Velasquez | Oct. 11,...

It's a tense confrontation, as WWE formally announces that World Champion Brock Lesnar will battle former UFC champion Cain Velasquez in Saudi Arabia

BLEACHER REPORT: Lesnar’s Win Is Proof WWE Doesn’t Care About Its...

At a time when WWE is making unprecedented amounts of money, a dwindling fanbase of increasingly bitter viewers seems to mean nothing

ESPN: WWE Crown Jewel Results & Recap

After weeks of controversy over the event, last-minute card changes and big announcements, Crown Jewel finally took place Friday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

BLEACHER REPORT: The End of the Brock Lesnar Era in WWE...

Despite WWE Crown Jewel being a hot topic recently, the Universal title match between Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman is the last thing fans are talking about

BLEACHER REPORT: Hulk Hogan Advertised for WWE Crown Jewel

The Hulkster is being advertised to appear at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia on Friday, which would be his first WWE appearance in three years

ESPN: Cena won’t take part in WWE’s Crown Jewel in Saudi...

John Cena will not take part in the WWE's event in Riyadh on Friday, and has been replaced on the pay-per-view card by Bobby Lashley

DEADSPIN: WWE Says Saudi Arabia Show Will Go On

According to WWE’s Q3 earnings release this morning, there will be no cancellation of the controversial event

DEADSPIN: WWE Is Not Handling The Backlash To Its Saudi Deal...

Six days ago, WWE was put in an uncomfortable position regarding its upcoming Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia, and their reaction to it has been confusing

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: John Oliver Rips WWE for Doing ‘Wall-to-Wall Propaganda’ for...

HBO host John Oliver called out WWE during a segment on his show about Saudi Arabia, its ties to the US, and the alleged murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi

FORBES: WWE Moves Forward With Crown Jewel, Without Mentioning Saudi Arabia

Raw was business as usual for WWE, as it continues to shrug off negative press ahead of its forthcoming trip to Saudi Arabia for the Crown Jewel pay-per-view