Tag: CWA Southern Heavyweight Title

KAYFABE THEATER: Jerry Lawler is the new Southern Heavyweight Champion

After beating Bill Dundee, The King is out with the Southern title belt, and asks Lance Russell, "Who's the Greatest Wrestler in the World, and Why Am I?" 

KAYFABE THEATER: Bill Dundee sits down with Lance Russell & Jerry...

Bill Dundee is back in Memphis, and as he sits down to talk with Jerry Lawler and Lance Russell, he lets The King know he wants the Southern Heavyweight title

KAYFABE THEATER: Dr. D says Jerry Lawler has a terrible disease

David Schultz and Randy Savage are out with Lance Russell to address Jerry Lawler and Bruiser Brody, and Dr. D says, unequivocally, that Lawler has AIDS

KAYFABE THEATER: ‘The Hawaiian Flash’ makes a deal with Superstar Bill...

Jerry Jarrett (as The Hawaiian Flash) says he'll give up his tag team contract to gain a singles match with Bill Dundee for the Southern Heavyweight title

KAYFABE THEATER: Lawler’s Southern Title Belt Is Retired

1981 - In recognition of his achievements over the past decade, Jerry The King Lawler is given the Southern Heavyweight title belt by official Eddie Marlin

KAYFABE THEATER: Jerry Lawler and Robert Fuller in a Bloody Battle

At the Nashville Fairgrounds, the Southern Heavyweight champion, Jerry The King Lawler, defends the crown against a young Robert Fuller in a brutal battle