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KAYFABE THEATER: Tully Blanchard & Dark Journey Have a Message for...

The NWA World Television Champion is out with his lady to talk trash to Dusty Rhodes about their upcoming barbed wire battle for $100,00

KAYFABE THEATER: Missy Hyatt has to be Dark Journey’s Valet-For-A-Day

Jim Ross talks to Missy Hyatt about being forced to spend the day working for Dark Journey, then cameras film her as she does her chores

KAYFABE THEATER: Dick Slater throws the TV title in the Arkansas...

After winning the North American title, Dick Slater is told he can't defend two championships. So, he 'vacates' the TV title in his own, unique way.

KAYFABE THEATER: Dark Journey Slaps Michael P.S. Hayes

UWF - Dark Journey confronts The Leader of the Freebirds about rumors he's been spreading. Then, when he plants an unwanted kiss on her, she decks him

KAYFABE THEATER: Jake Roberts DDTs Dark Journey

The North American Champion Dick Slater is out to brag about how great he is, until Jake Roberts gets fed up and takes out his valet (1986)