Tag: David Crockett

KAYFABE THEATER: Magnum TA kisses Babydoll

Magnum TA kisses Babydoll on an episode of World Wide Wrestling, leading to a wild brawl with Tully Blanchard.

KAYFABE THEATER: Dusty Rhodes Flubs a Promo

While talking with David Crockett about an upcoming match at The Omni, Dusty Rhodes gets lost, and then just cuts loose!

KAYFABE THEATER: Tully Blanchard Brags About Knocking Out Ronnie Garvin

The National Heavyweight Champion and manager James J Dillon have some fun at The Hands of Stone's expense

KAYFABE THEATER: JJ Dillon warns Dusty Rhodes, Ole Anderson & Lex...

JJ Dillon looks into the camera and tells Ole Anderson, Lex Luger and Dusty Rhodes that their time will be up on Saturday Night in the Omni.

KAYFABE THEATER: The Horsemen tell Ricky Morton about all the wrestlers...

The Horsemen threaten Ricky Morton, as Arn Anderson tries to let 'the punk kid' know about all the opponents they've already injured

KAYFABE THEATER: The Horsemen talk about facing Nikita Koloff & Sting...

Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard tell David Crockett that when they go in to Baltimore to face The Russian Nightmare & The Stinger, they plan on coming out with the World tag team titles still intact

KAYFABE THEATER: JJ Dillon can’t hide from the Naked Truth

JJ Dillon is out for an interview with David Crockett, and he's enraged about a video that shows Ricky Steamboat beating him up and stripping his pants off

KAYFABE THEATER: Barry Windham & JJ Dillon talk about a showdown...

The United States Champion and his manager are out with David Crockett, as Windham says he's no longer in anyone's shadow and ready to defeat The Stinger

KAYFABE THEATER: Ric Flair is interviewed after his first World title...

A younger, calmer Nature Boy is interviewed by Bob Caudle and David Crockett after capturing the 'ten pounds of gold'

KAYFABE THEATER: Tully Blanchard slaps Baby Doll

Chivalry is dead, as a female manager gets kicked to the curb.