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DEADSPIN: If Matt Hardy’s Career Is Over, It’s Been A Hell...

Suffering from chronic back issues, the Woken One may be facing the end of his in-ring run, but it's certainly been one for the ages

DEADSPIN: Pro Wrestling Is Great, And You Should Try Watching Less

The problem with entertainment options these days is that there are way too many of them. This especially applies to professional wrestling.

DEADSPIN: How WWE Cheapened Hell In A Cell

Several factors have come into play over its 21 year history that have made "WWE's Most Dangerous Environment" not quite what it used to be

DEADSPIN: Regardless Of Who You Cheer Or Boo, WWE Usually Isn’t...

Recent events have proven WWE’s attempts at storytelling just don’t scratch that very obvious fan itch as much as they used to

DEADSPIN: The New Streaming Series Dojo Pro Is Binge-able Pro Wrestling...

Dojo Pro, launched on Amazon for Prime subscribers last week, is a streaming wrestling show that perfectly fits the mold of the 'binge-watch era'

DEADSPIN: Ronda Rousey Having Fun At A WWE House Show...

Rowdy Ronda has already shown she can create drama in her matches. Now, she's begun to fully embrace the fans and understand her role in WWE

DEADSPIN: Fox Landed WWE By Promising Them Everything They Ever Wanted

WWE and Smackdown Live got a soft landing by ending up with Fox, who made it VERY clear they wanted the sports entertainment giant under their umbrella


According to an opinion piece posted today at Deadspin, WWE has taken one of their core strengths and turned it into a major liability

DEADSPIN: Impact Ruins Everything

Writer David Bixenspan takes the company to task for some of the costly mistakes it has made