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BLEACHER REPORT: Jon Moxley Appears at Double or Nothing, Attacks Kenny...

The man formerly known as Dean Ambrose stuns the wrestling world by making a violent debut in All Elite Wrestling

BLEACHER REPORT: Are We Being Worked by Dean Ambrose’s Gritty Video...

There is little doubt Dean Ambrose is reverting back to Jon Moxley, but everything else about his situation—including his future with WWE—is up in the air

SPORTS ILLUSTRATED: Jon Moxley Cast in MMA-Themed Movie ‘Cagefighter’

The former Dean Ambrose is set to appear in the MMA-themed action feature 'Cagefighter', Deadline's Andreas Wiseman reported on Wednesday.

DEADSPIN: Dean Ambrose Is Going To Be Bleeding As Jon Moxley...

A change in name also means a change in styles for Mox, who is currently the biggest free agent to hit the market in years

BLEACHER REPORT: Which Promotion Should Jon Moxley Join Following His WWE...

With the level of fame he reached while part of WWE, the reborn Jon Moxley has given himself the ability to write his own ticket

BLEACHER REPORT: Looking at Dean Ambrose’s Intense Return as Jon Moxley

Former WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose resurfaced early Wednesday morning on Twitter with a video hailing the return of Jon Moxley

RAW: The Shield Say Goodbye to Dean Ambrose | April 8,...

The Shield reunites one last time after Raw goes off the air

FANSIDED: What Are The WrestleMania Plans For The Shield?

The Hounds of Justice will take on Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin and Bobby Lashley at Fastlane. But what does the future hold for the trio?

FORBES: The Reunion Of The Shield Makes No Sense

WWE reunited The Shield on this week's episode of Raw, marking the third time in roughly a year and a half that Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose rejoined forces

RAW: Reigns, Rollins and Ambrose reunite as The Shield | March...

After a tense confrontation with Drew McIntyre, Baron Corbin, and Bobby Lashley, The Hounds of Justice finally reunite