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KAYFABE THEATER: The Midnight Express celebrate their recent attack on The...

During an edition of Jim Cornette's 'Louisville Slugger' segment, he gathers with his team to brag about their ambush on the Legion of Doom

KAYFABE THEATER: The Midnight Express train to be Sky Walkers

Jim Cornette gets his men ready in this special training video, illustrating the Midnight Express preparing for the Road Warriors and the scaffold at Starrcade

KAYFABE THEATER: The James Boys Lasso Jim Cornette

The pair of masked avengers (Dusty Rhodes & Magnum TA) ride in to town to stop The Midnight Express from injuring Sam Houston and Nelson Royal

KAYFABE THEATER: Cornette’s Chemicals KO Rock and Roll

During a No-DQ match between The Midnights & The Rock n Rolls, Jim Cornette knocks out Robert Gibson with a rag full of ether to steal the Mid-South tag titles