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KAYFABE THEATER: Dick Murdoch confronts the Four Horsemen

The man known as 'Captain Redneck' faces off with the Horsemen and gets some help from Ronnie Garvin, Magnum TA, and Dusty Rhodes

KAYFABE THEATER: The Texas Outlaws Reunite to Ride Again

1988 - Dusty Rhodes & Dick Murdoch are back in the saddle in the NWA, and they have set their sights on Gary Hart, Al Perez and Ronnie Garvin

KAYFABE THEATER: Dusty Rhodes is Coming for Revenge against Skandor Akbar

After his friend and partner Dick Murdoch is injured at the hands of Akbar and his goons, The American Dream vows to settle the score

KAYFABE THEATER: Dirty Dick Disses The WWF

Dick Murdoch does a promo, burying Hulk Hogan and the World Wrestling Federation and discusses the greatness of the NWA

KAYFABE THEATER: Adrian Adonis talks about defending the WWF Tag Team...

One half of the WWF World Tag Team titleholders discusses the match he and his partner, Dick Murdoch, will be having in Boston against Jack and Jerry Brisco

KAYFABE THEATER: Dick Murdoch says, “Shut UP, You Bunch of Kayfabers!”

Captain Redneck wraps up an interview by shooting on the crowd, using an 'insider term' to scream at them.

THE WRESTLING TERRITORIES: Championship Wrestling from Florida

This week, Senior Editor Jim Phillips takes a trip down to The Sunshine State, to look back on Eddie Graham's rough-and-tumble Florida promotion

KAYFABE THEATER: Dick Murdoch Gives Dick Slater a Dress

Captain Redneck tries to get under Slater's skin on this classic episode of Championship Wrestling from Florida