Tag: Dick Slater

KAYFABE THEATER: Harley Race, Bob Orton & Dick Slater mock Ric...

Race laid out the money, so Orton & Slater laid out Flair. Here, they gloat about it to Bob Caudle, and further disrespect The Nature Boy

KAYFABE THEATER: Roddy Piper and Dick Slater brawl in the WPCQ...

In Mid-Atlantic Wrestling, a face-off between Dirty Dick and The Rowdy One leads to a scuffle, as the two fight past Bob Caudle and into the ring

KAYFABE THEATER: Dick Slater talks about defending the UWF TV Title

Dick Slater calls out several of the contenders in the Universal Wrestling Federation, including Jim Duggan and Terry Taylor, and says he will defeat them all

KAYFABE THEATER: JJ Dillon can’t hide from the Naked Truth

JJ Dillon is out for an interview with David Crockett, and he's enraged about a video that shows Ricky Steamboat beating him up and stripping his pants off

KAYFABE THEATER: Ric Flair returns with a neck brace and a...

1983 - The Nature Boy comes back from an injury and swings a baseball bat at Bob Orton and Dick Slater, before doing an emotional interview with Bob Caudle

KAYFABE THEATER: Ric Flair discusses the $25,000 Bounty that’s been put...

The Nature Boy talks with Bob Caudle about the $25,000 bounty that the World Champion has put on his head, and discusses his strategy going forward as he continues to pursue the NWA World title

KAYFABE THEATER: NWA President Bob Geigel speaks!

Bob Caudle talks to the NWA President and finds out that Bob Orton and Dick Slater have been fined $5000 apeice for their attack on Ric Flair

KAYFABE THEATER: Roddy Piper and Dick Slater brawl in the WPCQ...

Roddy Piper is having a serious discussion with Bob Caudle, when he's interrupted by Dick Slater, leading to a battle all the way up to the ring

KAYFABE THEATER: Dick Slater throws the TV title in the Arkansas...

After winning the North American title, Dick Slater is told he can't defend two championships. So, he 'vacates' the TV title in his own, unique way.

KAYFABE THEATER: Jake Roberts DDTs Dark Journey

The North American Champion Dick Slater is out to brag about how great he is, until Jake Roberts gets fed up and takes out his valet (1986)